Take Paella offers from Tuesday to Sunday fresh-made paellas which are served in a pan called ´paellera´. In Spain we always like to share a good paella with the closest people. Experience it with your family and friends.

Our paellas are for 2 or for  4 – 5 people.

Form Tuesday to Friday we offer a daily menu which contains a traditional Spanish soup and a special type of paella.

If you feel like having a paella served in a ´paellera´, you can order it directly on our website or on our phone +421 949 297 963. However, we recommend you to do it one day in advance, because we have a limited number of servings on a daily basis and unfortunately we can´t realize them all at once. The sooner you order your paella, the better.

In  case that you want to order something from daily menu and pick it up in our restaurant, do it on our website. In case that you want a delivery of a daily menu, you can order it by using Wolt and Bolt Food.

If you want to have your paella on a day of your order, order it over our phone to confirm availability.​

Daily menu is delivered from Tuesday – Friday from 10:30AM – 13:30PM. You can order it by using Wolt and Bolt Food.

Paella in a ´paellera´ is delivered from Tuesday – Sunday in the projected times.

   Monday:         – – – – –

   Tuesday:         10:30 – 17:00 hod.

   Wednesday:   10:30 – 17:00 hod.

   Thursday:       10:30 – 17:00 hod.

   Friday:            10:30 – 20:00 hod.

   Saturday:        10:30 – 20:00 hod.

   Sunday:           10:30 – 15:00 hod.

May I order paella in a ´paellera´ out of this time range?

Sure! But do it at least 24h in advance by using our order form on our website or over the phone.

We deliver to: Staré mesto, Ružinov, Petržalka, Karlova Ves, Nové mesto, Dúbravka, Rača, Vajnory, Lamač, Podunajské Biskupice Vrakuňa, Záhorská Bystrica, Devínska Nová Ves, Rusovce.

Delivery and pick up of a paella in a ´paellera´ cost EUR 7.

Information about delivery zones and prices of a daily menu are always listed during your order placement. It depends on Wolt and Bolt food apps.

If you use our delivery service, we will pick up ´paellera´ on agreed address 90 minutes after delivery. We will arrange a pick up place and you will bring it on the street.

Don´t worry with cleaning, we will be glad to do so instead of you.  

In case that you pick up paella directly in our restaurant you will have to return our ´paellera´and we will give back a deposit. Don´t clean the pan, we will do it instead of you.

When ordering, you can choose a delivery address. Food and paella are delivered in a paella box which provides a safe transport and keeps food warm. 

If you order paella in a ´paellera´, we will deliver it and we will pick up the pan on the street on a planned address.

Yes you can calmly come directly to our kitchen on Čajakova 18, Bratislava.

We charge a EUR 20 deposit for a ´paellera´ which is returned after you bring it back.

At any time of our opening hours bring back ´paellera to the restaurant and we will return your deposit.


Take Paella je nový gastronomický koncept zameraný na typické jedlo španielskej kuchyne, paellu.


Čajakova 18
811 05 Bratislava




Čajakova 18
811 05 Bratislava

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